How it All Got Started

Tater and me

Thirty years ago, I purchased a small tract of land in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to build a house and raise my family. My lovely new piece of land was covered with underbrush, briars and pine trees. Obviously, I needed a tractor to help me start clearing and cleaning out a place to build. Around this time, a coworker told me about an old tractor in a shed behind his house. The thing was there when he purchased the place. He didn’t even know if it ran, but if I could use it, then it was mine.

A Deal I Could Not Resist

I needed my first tractor and he was willing to give me one. For free!  That next Saturday morning, I hooked up my best buddy’s trailer and went to fetch my prize. We hiked out to the barn and there she was: a green tractor, sporting plenty of rust, with bends and dents in every possible place and four flat tires.

“She’s Perfect!”

A few hours later, and with the help of a neighbor with a running tractor, I proudly brought my very first tractor home.

Over the next several months, I tore apart that little tractor and diagnosed everything that needed to be done to get this little jewel going again. Let me emphasize “tear apart,” perhaps you can relate? Because  next thing I knew, where there had once been a rusty little green tractor peacefully resting in my garage, now sat a massive, disorganized pile of cast iron and steel and empty jack stands. Oops.

Perhaps I Was in a Little Over My Head?  

After many nights and weekends, and countless trips to parts stores, that little John Deere 40 standard roared back to life, sporting shining new paint and running like a Singer. We were ready to go to work! Ironically, that little tractor never did another days work and I ended up selling that piece of land, but I enjoyed fixing her up so much that I found another tractor and did the same thing.

A Project Becomes A Passion

After working on several tractors for myself, I met a gentleman from Florida with a huge collection of John Deere tractors that he wanted to restore. Over the last three decades, I have restored over 75 tractors and enjoyed every single minute. And I am still restoring for the gentleman in Florida, among many others and many more waiting to be restored.

A Passion Becomes A Business 

In 2010, Tractorpartsbarn was born and started a whole new chapter, offering aftermarket parts, restoration, repair services and sandblasting along with complete painting services. Tractorpartsbarn provides the availability of thousands of aftermarket replacement parts along with our Ebay store.

We also have the facilities to service most antique tractors.  Please feel free to browse around and look through all that’s available. If you have an old “diamond in the rough” that needs to be restored, please get in touch and let’s get that jewel polished!

The Beginning