We provide complete restoration services – everything from Expo quality show tractors to engine rebuilds and minor fixes. If you would like to see your dads or your papa’s tractor look like it did years ago, we can help.

New gauges, wiring harness, steering wheel, seat, tires, exhaust manifold and muffler, new tires and many other parts can all be replaced to bring your tractor back to showroom condition.

Our process includes:

  • Complete tear down to inspect, repair or replace parts in need of service.
  • Thorough cleaning of grease and dirt down to the bare cast.
  • All sheet metal is sandblasted and cleaned.
  • Body work is performed to insure straight metal.
  • A quality base of epoxy primer and high build primer is applied and sanded down to make a slick flat surface.
  • Finally, three coats of acrylic urethane paint is applied for a high gloss finish